Overcome the Dragon Slayers

Why is it that in the stories, the hero slays the dragon? Because the collective psyche is that difference should be vanquished for the supposed sake of the majority.

Why do I mention this? Recently I had a dear friend who was in a state of confusion. She wants to be an artist, she’s made a good head start and is very talented. But she’s also an accomplished graduate. Societal expectations are for her to go and get a “proper” job, join a graduate scheme or some such similar thing. She was getting maternal advice from her mother’s friends to get a “cool job in London”. Jobs that seemed attractive, making use of her artistic talent such as PR. The long-lived dream of being the centre city high flyer which is so seductive to many.

Nothing is wrong with that advice, in most ways it is sensible, given out of care and concern for security. That is why we slay the dragon, to eliminate danger and uncertainty.

However, you cannot change your scales and I said as much. People can be majorly persuasive and you want to feel like the choices you make are the “right” ones. Which is usually decided by validation through the opinion of others. But ultimately, you should not go into a job for the long term that isn’t your passion. What happens is you end up working for the sake of working and because you feel purposeless it results in burnout and what you equate with failure.

No one can decide what’s right for you. Not your mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, puppy or magical elf fairy. They could all unintentionally be dragon slayers in disguise. The dragon stands alone when it makes decisions, when it breathes fire.

I hope you’ve found this blog post useful, please feel free to pass it on and share it with others who might also find it interesting. And feel free to comment, to share your thoughts, to discuss. Ideas are the paintbox of life.



You ARE Special- You Are a Dragon

Let me tell you something. When I tell you it you will LISTEN. You will hear these words in your mind as you read them because you KNOW them to be true. Because I speak them from the heart.

I don’t know who you are and therefore it is impossible for me to say anything with bias or judgement, not that I would. I would say the same thing if you were stood right in front of me.

You ARE special. You are different. And that’s not wrong. This is nothing to do with conceit or excuses. People these days say someone is a bit “special” to insult them. This heeds back to an idiotic action or weirdness or being out of place but its ok because patronisingly so that person is special or having a special moment.

It’s because people fear difference. They fear it in others but they also fear it in themselves. There is safety in numbers. In uniformity. Difference is unknown and it stands alone from the other known things. It goes against the instinct for safety. It’s also how every major achievement or progression in human history has occurred.

The difference in you is a great one. Not great as in big. It can be big or small or anything else in between. Great as in meaningful. You don’t have to accomplish anything in your life at all. It’s enough to simply be happy. To be happy there must be acceptance. Not simple indifference. I mean acceptance of non-acceptance. Of the fact that you are a dragon. You are special. You are substantial.

This is very important to understand. I was bullied for my strangeness, for my weirdness. None of that matters, because I understand that I am special and so are you. This is no deluded sense of self-importance or even self-acceptance but self-acknowledgement. Nothing external truly matters. You are you and that is something non-replicable. Nobody in the world is exactly like you are. You are someone amazing. You have something to offer.

You are a dragon.

It is enough to understand this yourself, even if no one else does. Because it’s not about everyone else. Still that’s one more person who understands that in themselves and everyone else. I understand it, you do. That already is not no one.


How Your Dragon Can Give You Instant Confidence


There are times you need to become the dragon, but mostly this is not the case.

There’s a reason I refer to it as the dragon within.

It’s not about being aggressive, arrogant or pushy. It’s about carrying an inner confidence with you ALL the time. You can feel truly liberated within yourself, you don’t have to prove yourself to anybody. Why? Because secretly you are a dragon.

Once you realise this and become aware of it, you won’t need to ‘build your confidence’. You will have access to it right here, right now. What you will need to build is practising that awareness, practising that realisation that the dragon was and is always there.

Take a moment and think of a favourite action, adventure or martial arts film. Now there’s always a hero/heroine. Chances are you dream of being this person.

What sets the hero apart? What usually makes them so attractive and identifiable?

He or she is usually perceived as quiet, calm , they never tend to look for a fight, but when it’s time to be the hero they shock everyone. In this phase they usually either overcome their own self-doubt and insecurity, proving it to themselves or else they are the brooding type who knew it all along.

They always have a higher purpose and draw confidence from their inner strength which they ultimately realise they always had and always will have.

Yes confidence can be built but you know what? You have that confidence and that justified defiance in you already! Build instead your belief and understanding of that fact, your belief in the dragon within.

Do you think I was always confident? Aha, nope…. This brings up again the concept of the mental and physical dragon.

As a young girl I was physically strong, my 8 year old body would readily endure hard training my mental and physical dragons came alive and flew together as one during training but outside of this, the mental dragon refused to raise its head because I was unaware of its existence.

I was unaware that confidence, that my dragon, could be consciously realised. It took me a good while.

But I want you to realise today, now, THIS VERY SECOND!

Say it…..No matter how silly you may feel, even if it is in your head to begin with say it:  ‘I am strong’

‘I am confident’

‘I am filled with the power of my dragon, there’s only one person who needs to believe it and that person is me!’

Does some small or hopefully large part of you believe this now? Yes? Good.

Others will follow suit……I promise. 


I hope my words are helping you in some small way to realise what you have already and I welcome, no, encourage any comments, ideas, feedback or questions you may have. Please feel free to leave them below.