I am Alive! ……And I have wings! A massive revelation unfolds

Though I intend this post to begin light heartedly, it will ultimately lead to an incredible experience I had a few evenings ago which I want to share and which YOU can replicate if you take the time to understand it. What will you gain? Wings, I will give you wings and an intenseness of feeling that is difficult to describe but which I will attempt. It is accessible to everyone through a simple phrase and, now this is important, experiencing a sudden shift in perception.

What differentiates a dragon from a giant lizard or a dinosaur? ……..It can fly (ok yes and usually breathe fire though not always, let us not forget the ice alpha dragon in How to Train Your Dragon…….not that I use that as a reference point ordinarily). Not all mythology quotes dragons with wings. But they can all fly which is why in some traditions they are depicted as the guardians of heaven.

Now we come to the SERIOUS part so take a deep breath in an out. Have a moment of silence…… If you want to experience the same intense joy I did, then take a minute or so to seriously contemplate the following.

I want to share an experience I had a few evenings ago.

I’m not going to pretend that everything is fine and dandy in my world, neither will I get into the specifics of that just right now as it’s not important.

Walking home in the darkness as Winter encroaches. I am sure many of you will have experienced such a downward plummet in positivity. A certain listlessness, hopelessness or even lack of purpose. You feel drained, perhaps you are returning from a hard day’s work and are exhausted. If this job is your average laborious drudgery this feeling may well be heightened, though even a job you love on icy nights such as these can leave you drained.

I walked along and became suddenly aware of the way my footsteps caused the gravel to crunch. The sound seemed to reverberate out into the abandoned street.

Then something happened. Something that on the face of it does not seem spectacular and yet, when you register it internally. When you really FEEL it, changes your whole world.

A voice within me simply said the following three, words:

“I am alive…”

I said it gain

“I am alive”

Next time I shouted it out loud “I’m alive!!!!”

I am alive

Right now I am alive. Never is anything real but my aliveness in that moment.

Nothing so terrible in this world has defeated me. Look at me, I live.

Here I stand, here I breathe. In and out. Here I clasp my hands. I choose each step.

…..I am alive……Why not be happy? In the game of life I am winning because here I stand. Because I stand I am victorious.

A warrior still breathing, not vanquished, never vanquished.

All of a sudden everything gained a new glamour, a new vibrancy, richness. It was like everything came into focus because it shared the aliveness of my perception.

The Christmas lights twinkling like electric fruits, like otherworldly jewels looming out amidst the darkness from the trees and houses seemed a fairy show all for me.

I began to run, my breath flowing out in humid clouds, saying the words “I am alive” over and over again and all of a sudden the wind was rushing by my ears and I was flying. I was flying through the air with no thought for the next moment, only the fulfilling rush of the present. The blood in my veins. The sacredness of life, of animation, of flight.

Since that night the knowledge of life has sustained me. Brought me back to the present whenever I have felt myself drift into despair. Nothing is more real.

Take a short moment to contemplate this….

I hope you’ve found this blog post useful, please feel free to pass it on and share it with others who might also find it interesting. And please do comment, share your thoughts. They may well inspire others. Ideas are the paintbox of life.



The Red Dragon- Pain

The red dragon breathes fire, which eventually becomes your own. However in the first instance the red dragon has but one, solitary goal, to burn you. To breathe fire and cook you from the inside. Pain is a cleansing of fire. Few things survive it. But it works as a forest fire does. The old shrub, the weakness, is destroyed, allowing for new shoots, for new strength, to grow and reach the light.

There is a reason that the saying ‘baptism of fire’ exists.

Pain is part of life. It’s very important because it works as a warning- danger, threat. This mainly accounts for physical pain and acts to protect you. The problem with a lot of psychological pain is it serves no purpose but suffering.

Fear, guilt, regret, anxiety, stress. All forms of psychological pain of which there is no need.

But the point is not to fight this pain. You agitate the dragon, you only make it angrier, the pain more fierce. When you accept the pain however and observe it, allow it to be, the fire, instead of scorching you flows out of you as your own.

Overcoming hardship you gain strength. That wonderful feeling when you overcome something you never dreamed you would. You feel on top of the world! You’re breathing fire. But if you hadn’t let the pain of the process, the difficulty the hardship, burn you first, the fire would never have escaped. To succeed and to achieve, in whatever sense, be it be physical, spiritual, financial requires you to undergo this process.

You start and never push through, once again you agitate the red dragon. It burns you but does not breathe enough fire for it to become your own.

A pulsing pain remains but to feel the full force of the fire is to finally be able to breathe it. To harness its power and momentum.