How Your Dragon Can Give You Instant Confidence


There are times you need to become the dragon, but mostly this is not the case.

There’s a reason I refer to it as the dragon within.

It’s not about being aggressive, arrogant or pushy. It’s about carrying an inner confidence with you ALL the time. You can feel truly liberated within yourself, you don’t have to prove yourself to anybody. Why? Because secretly you are a dragon.

Once you realise this and become aware of it, you won’t need to ‘build your confidence’. You will have access to it right here, right now. What you will need to build is practising that awareness, practising that realisation that the dragon was and is always there.

Take a moment and think of a favourite action, adventure or martial arts film. Now there’s always a hero/heroine. Chances are you dream of being this person.

What sets the hero apart? What usually makes them so attractive and identifiable?

He or she is usually perceived as quiet, calm , they never tend to look for a fight, but when it’s time to be the hero they shock everyone. In this phase they usually either overcome their own self-doubt and insecurity, proving it to themselves or else they are the brooding type who knew it all along.

They always have a higher purpose and draw confidence from their inner strength which they ultimately realise they always had and always will have.

Yes confidence can be built but you know what? You have that confidence and that justified defiance in you already! Build instead your belief and understanding of that fact, your belief in the dragon within.

Do you think I was always confident? Aha, nope…. This brings up again the concept of the mental and physical dragon.

As a young girl I was physically strong, my 8 year old body would readily endure hard training my mental and physical dragons came alive and flew together as one during training but outside of this, the mental dragon refused to raise its head because I was unaware of its existence.

I was unaware that confidence, that my dragon, could be consciously realised. It took me a good while.

But I want you to realise today, now, THIS VERY SECOND!

Say it…..No matter how silly you may feel, even if it is in your head to begin with say it:  ‘I am strong’

‘I am confident’

‘I am filled with the power of my dragon, there’s only one person who needs to believe it and that person is me!’

Does some small or hopefully large part of you believe this now? Yes? Good.

Others will follow suit……I promise. 


I hope my words are helping you in some small way to realise what you have already and I welcome, no, encourage any comments, ideas, feedback or questions you may have. Please feel free to leave them below.


What is the dragon???

So you’re probably wondering what the heck I mean by the dragon? And “finding it”?…..I can see eyebrows raising.

No, I’m not referring to a boyfriend’s term for what’s in his trousers or to re-creative drug use. I am not currently surrounded by dragons in either the mythical or boardroom sense.

I in fact refer to something you might not have envisaged at all……

When I was a little girl of 6 I engaged in typical little girly pursuits. I played with dolls and drew on my cheeks with my mother’s lipstick…….

As a 6 year old what also began was a question from my dad to my brother and I:

‘So, are you ready to learn how to fight?’

Thus began my training in and introduction to the mysterious world of Martial Arts.

When I was doing well in training, my father had a very specific pet name for me.

It was not “princess” or “flower”. It was “lady dragon”. That was the first time I came to associate the term dragon with empowerment. A power I could only find within myself. As I grew I also understood what it was to feel powerless, to be different, weird, unaccepted and all the time an ironically submissive personality who wanted to please, avoided confrontation at all costs and was honest at my own cost.

So I know how that feels. And I know how to overcome it, that’s what I want to share with you. Fighting was my personal way to find it but Inside us all is a dragon, coiled and waiting. When you realise this, you realise the immense power you possess. It is enough to feel this is true until you know this is true. Is it not a wonderful thing to realise that you have an inner reserve of strength to draw on that is unique to you? Not yet? You will…….