The Red Dragon- Pain

The red dragon breathes fire, which eventually becomes your own. However in the first instance the red dragon has but one, solitary goal, to burn you. To breathe fire and cook you from the inside. Pain is a cleansing of fire. Few things survive it. But it works as a forest fire does. The old shrub, the weakness, is destroyed, allowing for new shoots, for new strength, to grow and reach the light.

There is a reason that the saying ‘baptism of fire’ exists.

Pain is part of life. It’s very important because it works as a warning- danger, threat. This mainly accounts for physical pain and acts to protect you. The problem with a lot of psychological pain is it serves no purpose but suffering.

Fear, guilt, regret, anxiety, stress. All forms of psychological pain of which there is no need.

But the point is not to fight this pain. You agitate the dragon, you only make it angrier, the pain more fierce. When you accept the pain however and observe it, allow it to be, the fire, instead of scorching you flows out of you as your own.

Overcoming hardship you gain strength. That wonderful feeling when you overcome something you never dreamed you would. You feel on top of the world! You’re breathing fire. But if you hadn’t let the pain of the process, the difficulty the hardship, burn you first, the fire would never have escaped. To succeed and to achieve, in whatever sense, be it be physical, spiritual, financial requires you to undergo this process.

You start and never push through, once again you agitate the red dragon. It burns you but does not breathe enough fire for it to become your own.

A pulsing pain remains but to feel the full force of the fire is to finally be able to breathe it. To harness its power and momentum.



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